IoT M2M solutions tailored for international use

Objenious, a Bouygues Telecom brand dedicated to IoT M2M, supports businesses and public authorities in their IoT projects.
  • Multi-operators
  • Multi-technology roaming
  • Dedicated management portal GetWay
  • Hardened SIM card
  • Customised offers

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M2M and IoT offers adapted to your needs

Objenious is the first IoT player in France to offer all the new cellular IoT technologies to meet your business needs and constraints through offers and services based on its 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M networks.

Why choose us

With 25 years of experience and a true pioneer in the IoT market, Objenious remains at the forefront of constant developments in the IoT market, thus offering adapted and innovative solutions to meet the IoT connectivity needs of its clients.

Our differentiator

Objenious is a team of 40 experts dedicated exclusively to IoT, who support you from the design to the production of your solution, and even until international industrialization, by providing you with optimal and innovative IoT solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our offers
Adjustable IoT M2M offers with or without resilience
Standard or custom-made, multi-operator or not, benefit from a quality network, a reinforced IoT SIM card, a management platform, APN access and an adapted pricing model.
Scalable France Scalable World XXL Plan Digital offers Custom made

Scalable France

This flexible offer allows you to modify your data consumption in real time, for total control of your budget and optimal connectivity of your connected objects.

Scalable World

Thanks to our IoT solutions, you can easily manage the connectivity of your connected objects around the world, while controlling your budget and benefiting from a superior quality of service.

XXL Plan

The comprehensive and mutualizable IoT offer.

Get the XXL data envelope and connect your fleet of objects with complete peace of mind with the 10GB, 30GB or 60GB offer.

Digital offers

Discover the futur of IoT and anticipate your future needs. Experiment our newest technologies; NB-IoT, LTE-M, or 4G, for 1 year with no limits.

Custom made

We do everything we can to support you in your IoT projects, by developing custom-made offers adapted to your business needs, wherever you are in the world.


Custom IoT projects and technology expertise

Backed by the experience of Bouygues Telecom, a historic group, and a solid ecosystem of partners, Objenious offers expert guidance for planning and executing IoT projects, providing tailored solutions across all industries, including banking, automotive, energy, security, construction, distribution, maintenance, healthcare, transportation, and logistics
Benefit from the Objenious expertise associated with offers and tools adapted to your use cases.
IoT Plateform
Getway, a platform developed by Objenious, allows businesses to manage their connected object fleets in complete autonomy.
Global IoT SIM
Objenious’ Global IoT SIM card was developed to meet the specific needs of IoT uses.
Unlock the true potential of IoT with Bouygues Telecom’s network

4G IoT

Benefit from the quality and power of the Bouygues Telecom network. The multi-technology panel offered allows you to make the best choice, depending on your business and geographic constraints.

5G IoT

Take advantage of the power of Bouygues Telecom 5G speeds and its potential to accelerate your digital transformation. Smoother data exchange, increased bandwidth and instant interactions are the main promises of the 5G network.


LPWA network with the highest throughput and best latency. LTE-M is ideal for connecting mobile equipment and tracking their movements.


Recommended for the interior of buildings, underground spaces and restricted geographical areas, NB-IoT is even less energy intensive and expensive than LTE-M. It will meet the most demanding requirements in terms of Smart City.

New Technologies

Objenious brings together experts who have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs as closely as possible. With the custom-made offers, they enter into your core business to provide you with a solution and tools adapted to your needs and your business challenges.

Innovation by Objenious

Transforming the IoT Industry

Objenious is a major player in the IoT market, enabling businesses to navigate the complex world of IoT technology.
MORE THAN 800 PARTNER NETWORKS WORLDWIDE 800 Thanks to our international roaming agreements, Objenious has more than 800 partner networks around the world, providing quality IoT connectivity for your international IoT projects.
CONNECTIONS IN OVER 126 COUNTRIES 126 Thanks to extensive roaming agreements and internationally adaptable offers, Objenious is present in over 126 countries, guaranteeing our customers quality IoT connectivity wherever they are.
A TEAM OF 40 EXPERTS DEDICATED TO IOT 40 Our team of 40 experts dedicated exclusively to IoT, equipped with 100% French technical support and specialized in IoT, is able to offer you high-level expertise to carry out your IoT projects with complete confidence.
OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 25 With over 25 years of experience in IoT, Objenious is one of the global leaders in cellular IoT connectivity. Our solutions make it possible to successfully connect millions of objects in cellular IoT around the world.
A question?
Find the answers to frequently asked questions about IoT and how Objenious can help you implement projects
What is IoT?
IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that allows connected objects, such as household appliances, sensors, vehicles, and industrial equipment, to communicate and exchange data via the Internet without human intervention. This enables task automation, the creation of new services, and the optimization of processes to improve efficiency and productivity. Objenious specializes in cellular IoT, with recognized expertise in LTE-M, NB-IoT, 4G, and 5G, offering high-quality IoT connectivity solutions for a wide range of applications in various sectors. Know more about IoT M2M Our Technologies  
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Which international agreements?
With over 800 partner networks worldwide, Objenious is present in more than 126 countries, ensuring our customers high-quality IoT connectivity wherever they are. Learn more
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Which IoT M2M management portal do you use?
Since 2009, the Objenious teams have been developing Getway, the IoT/M2M platform, to enable clients and integrator partners to be autonomous, to manage their M2M SIM fleets on a large scale, to set alarms, to be informed of all alerts, and to know the connectivity status of devices (Boxes/Devices). The platform supports all cellular IoT technologies, whether it is NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G, or 5G. GetWay: manage your fleets with ease
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Which IoT technologies do you offer?
We are proud to offer our customers extensive connectivity with all cellular networks such as 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT. Our 4G network provides reliable, high-speed quality connections, while our 5G network offers an ultra-fast, seamless connectivity experience. As for our NB-IoT network, it is specifically designed for IoT, offering low power consumption and extended range connectivity, making it ideal for IoT devices. Finally, our LTE-M network is optimized for low power consumption and extended coverage, enabling widespread adoption of IoT and IoT applications. We provide a comprehensive connectivity experience to meet all our customers’ IoT needs. Our Technologies
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Which SIM cards do you offer?
Objenious offers a wide range of IoT SIM cards designed to meet your specific needs. All our SIM cards are ruggedized, built to withstand harsh environments with increased durability to resist temperature variations, shocks, and vibrations, and feature a triple-cut design for universal compatibility. We also offer other formats such as soldered SIMs and eSIMs for greater flexibility in deploying your IoT devices. Learn more
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Why choose Objenious ?
Objenious by Bouygues Telecom is an operator with its own telecom network. With over 25 years of experience in the IoT M2M sector, a dedicated team, and a French customer service, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive range of technologies including 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT. We offer customized or catalog IoT solutions to meet your connectivity needs, thanks to our expertise and our significant patent portfolio in the IoT field. Indeed, we are able to develop innovative solutions to optimize your connectivity. We are also proud of our international market presence, with more than half of our IoT connections outside of France. Choose us
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